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About Dating in the UK

Meet Lola

Hi! My name is Lola Page. I've had a lot of experience with Online Dating, from searching for love with Online Dating Sites to working behind the scenes with Internet Dating Sites. A few years ago I decided to devote myself to helping others find the Dating Site that is right for them, and making things simpler by grouping all the dating sites into categories. Dating in the UK is my attempt to collect All the UK Dating Sites together and sort them into sections such as Adult Dating Sites in the UK, mainstream UK Dating Sites, and more. I hope you will find Dating in the UK useful and ultimately find exactly what you are looking for!

How I choose the sites listed in Dating in the UK

First things first - The site must be either exclusively for people in the UK and Ireland, or a site for international members that includes a high number of UK singles. Preference also goes to sites that offer either a free basic membership, or a trial membership, thus allowing new members to test and evaluate a site before paying a full membership fee. Although I have checked out all these sites for value and integrity, I also take into account the actions of the people I refer. This means that I closely watch to see which sites are most popular with my visitors here at Dating In The UK. Once I see that a large percentage of people have upgraded to full membership on a site after a free evaluation period, I consider this site to be of higher interest to my visitors than say, another site that obtains many free members which do not find the site to be useful or effective for them, and therefore do not continue as members. Over time, sites that prove unpopular with members are removed from the listings, ensuring that the sites featured are proven to be helpful to members, backed up by the number of members that continue to use the site month after month for it's features and services.

Sponsored Listings

The majority of links to the dating sites here at Dating In The UK are affiliate links. What does this mean? This means that if we refer a visitor to a dating site and this visitor likes the site so much that they upgrade to a full membership, Dating In The UK will often receive a commission. This money is used for hosting and administrative costs, as well as the cost of advertising Dating In The UK over the internet.

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